The Collectif pour une forêt durable

Our Forests, Our Collective Strength

We are a group of more than 60 organizations from a variety of horizons, with roots throughout the territory of Québec.

We are privileged observers of the vitality of our forests and the range of possibilities they offer.

We understand that forest management is anchored in the principles of sustainable development, so that future generations can enjoy the environmental, economic and social benefits of the forests.

We acknowledge that our forests are shared respectfully by their various users.

We are delighted by the agreement among scientists that our forests and the products we are able to develop from them have a positive impact on the world’s carbon balance.

We are committed to ensuring that our forests play an even greater role in serving the population of Québec.

We have come together for the benefit of Québec’s forests.

By joining the Collectif pour une forêt durable, you will help give life to a forest of possibilities.

Join the movement!

Our members

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