Is wood an ecological material?

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Which is the most recycled material in the world?

Wood and paper are recyclable. In terms of volume, paper is still the most recycled material in the world. All salvaged papers and cardboards can be recycled five to seven times.



How many wood by-products are there?

There are more than 10,000 wood by-products. Thanks to recent innovations, growing numbers of products made from or containing elements of wood – a renewable resource – are now available. Among other things, wood products can be reused in new applications, in the construction field, to make other products, or to produce bioenergy.



Which construction material is the most ecological?

Wood is the only construction material produced from a renewable resource. Its conversion process requires less energy and is less pollutant than that of any other construction material. Moreover, the use of wood plays a role in the fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gas in the atmosphere through carbon sequestration.



Which of the following products contain wood by-products?

Wood is the ultimate renewable resource and, with its by-products, is present everywhere. The components of trees are extracted and used to make texturizers, thickeners and food binding agents that are found in many everyday products such as ice-cream, cosmetics, chewing gum, pharmaceutical products, clothing, paint and more!




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