How much do you know about Québec’s forests?

Question 1 Results

What percentage of Québec’s total area is covered by forest?

Nearly half of Québec’s territory – 760,000 km2 – is covered by a dense forest. This area is bigger in size than the whole of France!





What percentage of Québec’s forest is publicly owned?

In Québec, 90 % of the forest is publicly owned. As a result, the various forest uses are harmonized to ensure that everyone can benefit from it. At least ten different types of users will interact in any given area (hunters, vacationers, hikers, forestry workers, etc.).





What percentage of Québec’s public forest is certified?

In Québec, 85 % of the public forest is certified. This is the largest area of certified forest anywhere in the world. Certification provides additional recognition, over and above current legislation and regulations, to guarantee that forestry practices comply with the established standards to ensure forest sustainability.





Does deforestation take place in Québec’s public forests?

There is no deforestation in Québec’s public forests because it is contrary to Québec’s forest regime, legislation and regulations. Deforestation involves permanent removal of trees and conversion of the forest for other purposes such as farming or urban development.






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