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What percentage of Québec’s forest regenerates naturally?

In Québec, natural regeneration is preserved during logging, meaning that 80% of the forest is regenerated naturally. Where necessary, in the remaining 20% of cases, reforestation is used to supplement natural regeneration.



What percentage of the forest is harvested each year?

In Québec, less than 1% of the forest is harvested each year. Natural events such as insect epidemics, fires and windfall are responsible for twice as many disturbances as forestry activities.



How many plants are sown each year in Québec’s public forests?

Because natural regeneration is protected during logging, reforestation is necessary only in cases where natural regeneration is inexistent or deficient, or after fires or insect epidemics – in other words, in 20% of cases.



Does clear-cutting still take place in Québec’s public forests?

The controversial clear-cut was replaced by cutting with protection of regeneration and soils in 1995. The main difference between the two lies in the use of a harvesting technique that limits machinery movements in order to protect soils and young established trees.




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