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Quebec forests have energy to spare.

The question of energy transition is on everyone’s lips. All around the world, we are turning towards greener energies and to the more responsible use of our resources – both renewable and non-renewable. The scientists are unanimous: We must act now.

Thanks to hydro electricity, Quebec has access to an abundance of ecological and inexpensive energy. But did you know that our forests are also an outstanding source of renewable energy. It’s something we call bioenergy.

Bioenergy. What kind of wood does it take?

Energy that is primarily produced from organic materials generated from the forest and the wood industry. This is what we call bioenergy. But rest assured. We don’t cut down big beautiful trees in perfect health to burn them.

We mostly use forest waste, such as bark and branches, construction wood wastes, and trees ravaged by fire, or diseased trees. All of these renewable materials that are destined to be transformed into fuels are known as bio-mass.

The good news is that in Quebec, we have an abundance of forest bio-mass. Bio-mass is already being used for heating in numerous factories, as well as in some Quebec hospitals. And soon, because the forestry sector is constantly evolving, we’ll be able to create biofuel for cars.

Towards more green energy

Bio-mass can be transformed into liquid or solid fuel. To produce heat, we mostly use bark and branches, but compressed wood pellets are also in high demand in Europe to replace coal in thermal power stations.

Europe consumes nearly 90% of bio-combustible products on the planet. And in Quebec, this source of renewable and carbon-neutral energy is gaining more and more ground every single day.

The energy potential of bio-mass isn’t limited to the marshmallows you roast over the campfire. As it produces high and constant heat at a low cost, it is already an ecological and economical alternative to combustible fuels.

Aside from the factories in the forestry sector – that heat with their own waste – this green energy has more and more followers in Quebec, most notably among agricultural producers. Bio-mass is a major contender when it comes to keeping their greenhouses nice and warm.

If you love walking in the woods to renew your energy, it’s surely no coincidence. Because Quebec forests are full of resources. And thanks to new governmental programs focussing on the transition towards bio-mass, we’re ready to take on the full range of possibilities.

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