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From the forest to the urban jungle

If you’ve already set foot in the Maison symphonique, the official home of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, you’ve most certainly been charmed by the astounding beauty of this world-renowned concert hall – completely covered in Quebec beech wood.

But did you know that this aesthetic covering was also chosen for its acoustic properties?

There are countless advantages, sometimes unanticipated, when using wood to build

new infrastructures. It’s a solid, light and highly resistant material with a minimal environmental footprint. So, it comes as no surprise that we’re seeing it more and more on the drafting tables of major construction projects!

Building a greener future

Building with wood means choosing a material that’s renewable, recyclable and locally harvested in a responsible manner. For all of these reasons, and because it traps carbon and reduces greenhouse gases, wood is one of the most environmentally respectful construction materials available… period.

During this time of increased urgency to find and develop greener solutions to reduce our impact on the planet, the integration of wood in urban infrastructures makes absolute sense.

Well-made by nature

Wood has all the right qualities to meet the needs of today’s architects and builders. It’s lighter, and more resistant, than steel or concrete.

Contrary to popular belief, wood is also surprisingly fire-resistant. A solid wood structure exposed to very high fire temperatures loses only 10 to 15% of its total resistance. In the same conditions, steel and concrete have a tendency to bend or fall apart – making it extremely difficult for contractors trying to renovate after damages.

Thanks to wood’s aesthetic, ecological and physical properties, as well as all of the other surprising qualities lent to it by Mother Nature, this amazing resource has all it takes to become the construction material of choice for many years to come.

For a quick spotlight on what can be accomplished with wood and creativity – two of Quebec’s finest natural resources – check out these most recently completed projects.

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